Who are the Brisbane Bulldogs

The Brisbane Bulldogs were founded by Graham Egan in 2003. Over the last 10 years, the Bulldogs have grown into a formidable tug of war team under the coaching guidance of Graham Egan.

Since 2008, the Brisbane Bulldogs have dominated the Indoor Catch weight division and in 2010 claimed their first Gold medal in the Outdoor Catch weight and 720kg divisions.
Graham Egan, coach and mastermind behind the Brisbane Bulldogs, has been competing in tug of war for 25 years, getting his first taste of tug of war while he was serving with the Australian Army.

About Tug of War

Tug of war is a team sport comprising of several weight divisions, commonly 560kg, 640kg, 680kg, 720kg, (eight members for a team and their combined weight must not exceed the nominated weight division) and catch weight. A team may only have one "rope coach" who will coach the team during the competition, also known as a pull.

A competition is usually th best of three but may on occasion, (with the agreement of all parties), be the best of five ends. A judge will officiate at all competitions and a timekeeper records the times and results.

To win a tug of war, a team must pull their opponents four metres. The rope is marked with a centre line and a set of marks four metres either side of the centre mark. There is also a line of tape on the ground to mark the start and finish. Footware must not have any sprigs or prot attached, but may have a flush fitting heal plate, no thicker than 1/4 inch.

Tug of war is competed in 32 countries including Europe, USA and Asia as well as Australia. NSW and Queensland currently have clubs that compete regularly and have a National Titles every year on a state rotation basis.






Women of the Brisbane Bulldogs

Although tug of war is a tough sport, some of the toughest competitors are amoung the womens teams



Lia Egan, Helen Fitzgerald and Kathy Black are three of the Brisbane Bulldogs toughest pullers, proving that this great sport is not only for big guys over 100kg. Lia, partner of Graham Egan, herself has been doing tug of war for 18+ years and competing hard in each event she was in.

Helen Fitzgerald, a relative new comer to tug of war has been competing for 2 years and has enjoyed the taste of success winning Gold at her first Australian Titles.

Kathy Black, a former puller with the Canungra womens team, has made her return after a long absence.

Kimana Fitzgerald is the newest and youngest member of the Brisbane Bulldogs and is already proving to be a valuable member of the team.